Hi, I am Priyanka from Bangalore,India. I am a total food freak.... love to cook and try out new dishes and I just enjoy eat different types of dishes. My journey with food started some 6 years back. And since then I could not stop myself. I love experimenting with my cooking and I know I have inherited this from my mom :). 

My blog 'Buon Appetito' !!! And as the name suggests I wish you all Enjoy Your Meal. I have created the blog to document my recipes and to remind myself the story behind the creation..:).The measurements are not always very accurate as I believe that cooking is to be done with heart relying on our senses and not treat it as a scientific experiment.

Some of the recipes here have been passed down to me by my Mamoni(mother) and Dida(grandmother).  The others are the ones which i have seen in TV , magazines or websites but I have always tried to make a variation to the dishes to suit my taste buds. Each of these recipes have been created and tested my own kitchen. Over the years my friends and family have been my taster and the best among them is my Baba coz till date he has never disliked any of the dishes.... :P. 

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