Monday, January 31, 2011


What a great way my week started :) ....!!!!
When I logged in my blog today I saw a comment "Come visit my blog and grab your Stylish Blogger Award!"..... SURPRISED and AWESOME are the 2 words that can totally express my feelings :) .. I was in the seventh heaven upon receiving the comment....I surely do love my style but being appreciated for it feels AWESOME.....Thank you Kankana(didibhai)  for the Stylish Blogger Award :) I feel very honored. As I had to run to office I could not claim my award so am doing it now :P

How can anyone claim the award?...Well blogging is all about knowing and sharing with to accept the awards there are a few criteria to be fulfilled :

  • Thank and Link Back to the Blogger Who Awarded You With The Award
  • Share 7 Things About Yourself
  • Award 15 Recently Discovered Great Blogger
  • Contact The Bloggers and Inform Them of The Award

So let me start with sharing 7 things about myself :
  1. I love shopping specially electronics and clothes.
  2. I love being with the computer....not only just work or blogging. I enjoy surfing and learning new stuffs basically R & D on my system. Like I have designed my blog on my own :) ..
  3. I am totally addicted to TV :D . The first thing is do when I wake up is switch on the TV and its on the whole time I am at home.I would be watching some cooking shows or cartoon or movies.
  4. I never cook on friday's , generally i get some KFC chicken and watch TV till 3-4 in the morning :D .
  5. I absolutely adore travelling...I love to go to different place and not only see the tourist attractions but also meet different people and have the local food.
  6. I love dancing...have got degree in Kathak dance. Had the opportunity to perform in several programs :) .
  7. I wanted to become an architect :( and I still love to see beautiful house....I can spends minutes staring at a beautiful house....So next time if you catch me staring at your house don't get shocked or annoyed...take it as an appreciation for your house :P  .
Its very recent that I have started viewing other blogs so to name 15 stylish blogger is quite a task for me :) . Yet after recking my brain for hours listed below are the STYLISH BLOGGER I could think of 



Hi Priyanka,
Thank you so much for this award! I really appreciate it! :)

Congratulations and thank you!

Hi, priyanka lovely award thank u so much for sharing this with me. Hope you get much more awards....

congrats on the well deserved award !

Thank you so much for visiting my space and giving me this award. Truly appreciated!

Thank to you all for the appreciation.....and you all deserve the award.... :)

Thanks Priyanka. I got a comment from you in my blog about the award.. was surprised and excited.. Didn't see my blog name here so confused, as I am new to blogging.. I will appreciate if you can clarify, hope that was not a scam..

Thanks for the award. It took a while to get onto the blog and accept. Thanks for nominating me.

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