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CARDAMOM FLAVOURED ICED TEA GRANITA --- Guest Post by Lubna Karim @ Yummy Food

The blogging world gifted me a few lovely and talented friends and one of them is Lubna Karim . I am sure you all know her...her recipes seem so delicious and inviting......and the pictures are stunning. I keep staring at her shots everytime I visit her blog.

Lubna from Yummy Food lives in Bangalore with her family. She is so down to earth and a wonderful person.....she will always great you with a smile. You can see her passion and love for cooking and photography in every post or click.

Each photograph clicked by her tells a story on its own , they also portray her eye for detail. She also educate us on the art of photography....she makes it seem so easy. 

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Necessity is the mother of invasion of many new things…..this applies in cooking too….Those where the days when my womb was burning hot baking out a cute little baby inside…..Summer was on full swing and every time I wanted to have something cool to indulge…..There were only very few or say next to no carvings during my pregnancy. 

Only thing which tempted me or more I carved for was ice tea and that too in the form of granita….it may sound little bizzard  but…I had this carving in the initial days of my pregnancy…...Granita is nothing but semi frozen dessert made out of sugar, water and various flavourings. 

To satisfy this urge…one day I made very light tea decoction and left it in the freezer for an hour….scarped it and got myself indulged in it…..there was very peculiar feeling of gratification in my senses…..I loved it …. And so a new recipe is born and from then till now I make it very often….When I served them to my friends at one of the summer noon party…they loved it a lot….so now this is one of the regular granita, I make during summers….So here is the twist to taste recipe…an whole new very chill makeover to your ice tea.

Cardamom Flavoured Iced Tea Granita :

½ tbsp. Tea powder (I used Taj Mahal brand)
1 ½ tbsp. Sugar
1 no. Cardamom, crushed lightly
1 cup Water

Bring water to boil by adding tea powder, sugar and cardamom. Simmer for 1-2 minutes and turn off the flame. Leave it to cool.
Once the decoction gets cool, pour it into a flat container with edges or into a rectangular baking dish. Cover it with a thin plastic foil and leave it in the freezer for around 1 hour.
After 1 hour, run the fork along the sides of the container and break up into small chunks…. Freeze again.
Repeat this process for 2-3 times until you get flaky ice without any liquid remaining. Transfer this into serving bowls and serve immediately. 
Last but not least add your 'love' to make the dish 'YUMMY' :P

You can create as many of variations of your choice….apart from cardamom, I love making mint flavoured iced tea granita, lemon flavoured iced tea granita and also with fresh ginger iced tea granita….You can even make green tea or herbal tea granita….

Thank you Priyanka for the invitation to write on your blog. It was really fun doing it for you dear….



These pregnancy cravings are very weird! Nice to know that you discovered a recipe during those days. The granita looks yum.

Refreshing for the summer!!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

So easy and lovely recipe..Beautiful clicks too...

So cool and refreshing..lovely clicks..

Refreshing..beautiful clicks.

she is a lovely, warm personality ...She has become my close friend :-) Even with a small kid she puts a lot of effort for her blog. Pics are always very nice.

Thats a fabulous guest post, granita looks super refreshing and definitely help to keep the body cool..She rocks,kudos to both of u.

I saw this post in Lubna's space..what a lovely concept !!!!

Thank you so much girls for the compliments.....

This mildly spiced granita looks great!

wonderful post...
looks delectable dear :)


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