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The very first thing that comes to my head when I hear SOUP is warmth and comfort... :) . After a long hectic day I always have a huge craving for some warm soup and I do end up with a large bowl of the warm wonderful, however they are just perfect for any time and any day.

Soups are considered to be healthy food but I am not a healthy eater, I just love to try various types of food. My liking for soups started during the last year of my School Days.....I would be busy running from one tuition to another. My mom would never allow me to leave the house without eating anything and I had no time to sit and eat so Mom created a vegetable soup so that I am set for the whole day....,till date that vegetable soup is my favourite --- super yummy and so healthy ... :) .

Having said all that, the story behind this soup is totally different. Last week I learnt that Nupur is hosting an event called Soup it Up !! and as the name suggested we are suppose to create or recreate any soup dish of our choice....I decided to join the gang so as to say :) . Now the next big question.....what kind of soup should I make. I spent the next 3 days pondering about what type of soup I would like. I do cook for my blog but end of the day I have to eat it all by myself so it had to be something to my liking... :) .

Unable to decided on anything, Saturday I went for ingredient hunt and hoped that on seeing the ingredients I could decided on the type of soup, surprisingly my plan worked.... I saw broccoli siting on the counter shelf and WALA !!! . My liking for broccoli is very recent, in most of the movies they show that no one likes them ; this had an affect on me, I never bought them fearing that I wont like it and it would be a waste.

Around 4-5 months back I just happened to try broccoli(unknowingly of course)in a restaurant and I just loved it. Since then I always make it a point to have broccoli in my freeze and they are perfect for any simple vegetarian dish, however this time I wanted to make it into a soup. I opted for a creamy soup without the cream element :) , so the Creamy Broccoli Soup was created.

Sharing the recipe in Soup it Up !! :: Kitchen Chronicles and Kitchen Chronicles - Host Lineup

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Potato, big 1 number
Broccoli 250 gms
Onion, big 1 number
Garlic2 cloves
Green Chilly1 number
Milk2 cups
Dried Thyme2 teaspoons
Cheddar cheese1 cup
Butter2 tablespoons
SaltAs per taste
Black Pepper1 teaspoon

    Creamy Broccoli Soup:-
  1. Cut the Potatoes and Broccoli into large chunks and parboil them. 
  2. Chop the onion is large chunks , slit the green chilly in half (remove the seeds if you don't like heat) and grate the garlic separately
  3. Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat so that the butter doesn't burn.
  4. Add the chopped onion and garlic to the saucepan and cook till the onion soften.
  5. Then add the green chilly and dried thyme and cook for 2-3 min more.
  6. Finally add the vegetables and milk. Also add about 2 cups of warm water.
  7. Add in the seasoning - salt and pepper to the saucepan.
  8. Cover the pot  and let it cook for 30 - 35 min over medium heat or till the vegetables are soften and can be pureed, see that all the liquid is not evaporated.
  9. Using a hand held blender or a mixer , puree the mixture into a creamy soup.
  10. Garnish the soup with parboiled , grated carrots or cheese -- choice is yours.

This creamy & warm soup was perfect for my Sunday dinner. I could relax the night while getting ready for the week ahead-- this week :) .



Yummy soup!!! Thanks for dropping by!!

Lovely soup Priyanka!!! Loved the colour :)

Lovely yummy the green looks so soothing and tempting :-)

My favorite part about cold weather is soup. I especially love cream soups like this. It looks wonderful!

Hearty warm soup. Broccoli is so good for you and I am sure this would have been a hit in your household.

I love, love, love this veggie. I can have both the bowls by myself, really!

This is a lovely creation and your presentation is really beautiful. The soup sounds delicious and I look forward to trying it. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Nicely presented and looks awesome!

wow...the brocolli soup looks indeed fabulous...creamy texture with a nice green color !

Yummy!!!! Bookmarked the site…

Who can resist that lovely hearty bowl of soup!

HI, First time visit on the blog and I fell in Love with your recipes. Would be trying some of them. :-)

this is one of my fav. soup. looks wonderfully creamy.

Delicious indeed! So creamy and tasty! thanks!

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